Effective 2012, Parazelsus expanded its reach to Afghanistan . In November, 2014, Parazelsus entered into a contract with Mission Pharma, Denmark, involved  in Pharmaceutical/Equipment tender business in Afghanistan, to act as their authorized representative. Subsequently, Parazelsus broadened its offering and established a modern distribution system for pharmaceuticals and entered into an agency and distribution contract with Novartis Pharma in  2015.

Distribution services include Warehousing, Web based ERP, real time on-line sales order processing, invoicing, delivery and transportation, collection, credit & risk management, deploying and managing  field force, samples, promotional material, literature management, information and data services.

Important Facts about us:

  1. First and only regional pharmaceutical distributor in Afghanistan
  2. Versatile management expertise
  3. Representation in all major cities of Afghanistan
  4. Compliant warehouse with GDP standards
  5. Fully IT automated booking & supply cycle
  6. Web reporting

Distribution & Logistics

Parazelsus offers a nationwide distribution network, headed by trained professional managers in line with the population density and  commercial requirements. The current network includes the main branch in Kabul, which has the state of the art warehouse and offers cold chain facilities. The network consists of sub-contractors in all major cities of Afghanistan, namely.

  1. Jalalabad
  2. Khost
  3. Mazar
  4. Logar
  5. Qundoz
  6. Paktia
  7. Ghazni
  8. Kandahar
  9. Helmand
  10. Herat
  11. Farah

Marketing & Sales

Sales force trained in Distribution and Retail supports our business partners to generate demand, realize sales and deliver optimal customer service. Our sales teams apply latest management and technology tools to translate efforts into actual sales.

These include the SCOPE methodology: Selling Concept of Priority Execution to achieve most effective coverage as well as state of the art handheld applications.

Registration Service

Parazelsus offers registration services to reputed companies and provides the opportunity to start business in the high growth market of Afghanistan. Parazelsus also offers No Objection Certificate to Companies after registration so that company may feel free to work with any client going forward.

Faal24 (formerly known as “786”) was launched in March 2013 as the first international standard pharmacy chain in Afghanistan, offering high quality pharmaceutical and healthcare products and built a strong reputation in the market for high quality, genuine medicines, a modern environment, excellent 24-hour service, including home delivery.

Faal24 is widely recognised as the market leader in operating pharmacies and has developed a strong local and international reputation for transforming healthcare and fundamentally changing the pharmacy sector.  Faal24has the track record, systems in place, international partnerships, and know-how to substantially improve the operations of the public pharmacies and bring them in line with international standards.

Faal24 currently operates 8 outlets across Kabul and is scheduled to add several outlets in the coming years.