Facts & Figures

Company History

  • Incorporated on December 28th 2006

  • Commercial operations commenced from January 1st 2007 by taking over distribution network of Novartis Pharma (Pakistan) Limited with initially 9 branches and added 4 new branches increasing branches network to 13 and further increasing to 20 (2015)

  • All branches upgraded and brought to the compliance with cGMP standards

  • 4 new business partners added to the portfolio of Parazelsus business network

  • The first Pharma distributor to implement Oracle E-Business Suite

  • The first Pharma distributor to implement web based online reporting

  • The first Pharma distributor to implement Mobility solution for online order booking and supply chain and cash management

  • Serving directly over 27,000 pharmacies and medical stores in 1,700 towns (bricks) from 13 branches across Pakistan

  • Deliveries to customers throughout Pakistan by 120 delivery vans/vehicles

  • Handling over 25,000 orders per day in total

  • Business volume over PKR 10 billion in 2014 from PKR 3.5 billion in 2007

  • Headcount of over 800 employees with around 450 specialists in the field of sales and marketing and over 300 experts in the field of distribution and logistics