Parazelsus Afghanistan

Focused on Marketing, Distribution of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment 

Effective 1st May 2012, Parazelsus expanded its reach to Afghanistan by establishing the setup and registering Parazelsus Limited, Afghanistan. In November, 2014, Parazelsus entered into contract with Mission Pharma, Denmark involved in volume business of Pharmaceutical/Equipment tender business in Afghanistan, to act as an authorize representative and for business development. Parazelsus has broadened its offering and established a modern distribution system for pharmaceuticals and entered into a agency and distribution contract with Novartis Pharma in May, 2015.

Distribution services include Warehousing, Web based ERP, real time on-line sales order processing, invoicing, delivery and transportation, collection, credit & risk management, deploying and managing sales forces, sample, gift, literature management, information and data services.

Other services will cover the entire range of Parazelsus activities including market research, registration, importation, marketing, sales and distribution to all key channels in the country.

In May 2017, Parazelsus Afghanistan has a merger with only retail pharmacy chain of Afghanistan, 786 pharmacies, acquiring 17 outlets in Kabul city. Outlets are linked with central warehouse and ensure 100% quality medicines availability. Outlets are providing 24/7 services to customers through qualified pharmacists.